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Saam (real name Sam Vermeer) is a Techno DJ / Producer / Live act from the Netherlands. He grew up living in a small town called Koedijk (near Alkmaar). At age seven he started playing the guitar and quickly developed further musical interest. So, at age 13, Saam started DJing. He bought two turntables and a mixer and started taking weekly DJ lessons. In the beginning Saam played vinyl only, but after three years he started to play cd's as well. At this moment he started to get familiar with Techno tracks and started to develop his own style.

From this moment, Saam also began to produce his own tracks in Ableton Live. He produced his first Techno tracks in 2012, which led to multiple EP releases on labels like Wall Music (Mike Wall's imprint). In 2015 Saam released his second album, also on the Berlin-based label Wall Music.

Saam gets his inspiration from various analog synthesizers and drum computers, like the Roland TR-909 and the Roland SH-101. Nowadays he has a studio in Amsterdam, where he has his own collection of analog equipment. With this hardware, he creates his dark, whipping, tripping, Berlin style cuts.

2013 was the year when Saam started to perform live acts. In these live sets he exclusively uses his own tracks or remixes by himself. This act contains live drum computers, loads of MIDI controllers and more outboard equipment. This way Saam has a lot more to do on stage, as well as it allows him to have a better interaction with the crowd.

His production receive massive support from some great artists like Chris Liebing, DVS1, Joseph Capriati, Paco Osuna, Mike Wall, Dr. Motte and more. This support eventually led to some interesting gigs at events like Schönes Wochenende and clubs like Tresor and Paradiso.